Ni No Kuni

If you enjoy Japanese animation such as Studio Ghibli, Key animation or Madhouse this is one you should watch. Ni No Kuni was produced by OLM studios. This is also the animation studio who makes the famous Pokémon movies such as: Pokémon: The First Movie, Pokémon The Movie 2,000 and also the animators of the Famous Nintendo game, Animal Crossing.

This animation film has the idea of two different worlds that are linked together… so if you are living in one world, another form of you is living in the other world. This movie was beautifully made and had a wonderful story line.

Yu is a boy who’s been paralyzed from the waist down ever since birth. And he was unfortunate to fall in love with his best friends girlfriend Kotona. But when her life is threatened he will stop at nothing to protect her. I really enjoyed this movie based on the fact it was a genuine harmless family movie. I would probably rate this PG since there is a sort of war going on and some scenes might be scary to some children. However, this would be a great movie to play for the kids during this quarantine.

I really love how the animators make both worlds different but also very similar. The world we live in is everyday life, but the other world is a magical sort of mid-evil time period. When Yu must save the one he loves, he discovers there is another Kotona in the other world however she is a princess named Astrid. She is the same person but also different. I like the idea how Yu finds himself falling in love with Astrid for who she is and not because she’s similar to Kotona. Yu finds himself in the other world and decides his own fate.

Only thing I would say, is the voice acting could have been a little better but it was still played out well. I would give this film a 7.5/10. I would highly recommend this. Great film overall.

Published by Hayley Ossont

I am a 23 year old writer. I love movies and connecting with people. I can't wait to share my thoughts and ideas!

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