The Foreigner

This is an action packed film staring Jackie Chan and was extremely well done. I would recommend this film to anyone who not only loves Chan but loves films that are based around someone who has advanced training in the military, ex snipers or assassins.

Quan is a man who lives in London with his daughter. When she is killed in a terrorist attack he will stop at nothing to find her killers. Quan targets the Prim Minister (Pierce Brosnan), because he suspects he knows who arranged the attack. When the Minister denies knowing anyone who might have been involved Quan takes matters into his own hands.

This was a fantastic movie. I would recommend this to anyone who loves movies such as Taken or The Equalizer. What I liked most about this movie, is there was no confusion about where they were in all of the scenes. They moved around from London, Ireland and New York and in all scenes you knew what was going on. I also loved how Quan knew what he was doing. Not only was he strong, he was also very smart.

I am a fan of movies such as these. When someone loses a loved one, instead of waiting they take action to find the answers that no one will give them. Chan portrayed his character extremely well and he really made you feel for Quan.

I would highly recommend this movie. You can find this currently on Netflix. If you enjoy this movie, others I would recommend that are similar to this are: Taken, The Equalizer, The Professional and Searching.

Published by Hayley Ossont

I am a 23 year old writer. I love movies and connecting with people. I can't wait to share my thoughts and ideas!

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