The Foreigner

This is an action packed film staring Jackie Chan and was extremely well done. I would recommend this film to anyone who not only loves Chan but loves films that are based around someone who has advanced training in the military, ex snipers or assassins.

Quan is a man who lives in London with his daughter. When she is killed in a terrorist attack he will stop at nothing to find her killers. Quan targets the Prim Minister (Pierce Brosnan), because he suspects he knows who arranged the attack. When the Minister denies knowing anyone who might have been involved Quan takes matters into his own hands.

This was a fantastic movie. I would recommend this to anyone who loves movies such as Taken or The Equalizer. What I liked most about this movie, is there was no confusion about where they were in all of the scenes. They moved around from London, Ireland and New York and in all scenes you knew what was going on. I also loved how Quan knew what he was doing. Not only was he strong, he was also very smart.

I am a fan of movies such as these. When someone loses a loved one, instead of waiting they take action to find the answers that no one will give them. Chan portrayed his character extremely well and he really made you feel for Quan.

I would highly recommend this movie. You can find this currently on Netflix. If you enjoy this movie, others I would recommend that are similar to this are: Taken, The Equalizer, The Professional and Searching.


Snowpiercer is a dystopian story based on the idea that the entire world is in an ice age that no one could survive. A man built a train that goes around the world that takes a year to come around again. Each train car is based on social status. The wealthy in the front… the poor in the back.

Curtis (Chris Evans) is the leader of the poor and when he tries to break through to the front of the train he needs help doing so. He must get the rest of the people in the back of the train to riot back with him.

Yes, I found this story interesting however I would not watch this again. It lacked a lot, and I felt like they were trying to make some scenes so dramatic it irritated you so see how slow some of their reactions were. If someone was firing a gun at you, you wouldn’t have at least 15 seconds of eye contact. You would just start shooting. Or if someone stabbed you and strangled you, you wouldn’t magically come back to life. On a rainy day if you are trying to pass some time then I would recommend this movie.

Overall I would probably give this a 6/10. This was not a bad movie, just not the best. This did however remind me a bit of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, just a very violent dystopian version of it. Again, would not recommend unless you needed a time passer.

War Horse

Absolutely fantastic movie. If you like war movies you are sure to love this one! This is a 2011 film directed by the man himself Steven Spielberg. For those of you who do not know who Speilberg is, he is the director of ET: The Extraterrestrial, Jaws and Jurassic Park. This was an outstanding movie. Tom Hiddleston who plays Loki in Marvel’s The Avengers and Thor is also in this for a brief time along side with Benedict Cumberbatch who is Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

War Horse is a film featuring the very beginning right as World War 1 is starting. Albie (Jeremy Irving) is a farm boy from Devon, England who’s alcoholic father purchases a wild horse at auction who’s later named Joey. Albie forms an unbreakable bond with His horse up until Joey was taken to join the war. However, Albie will stop at nothing until he finds his horse.

This movie really surprised me. I really love how they show Joey’s story and what it’s like for a horse during a war. It was impressive seeing how many people came to care for Joey and how many owners he had throughout the movie. War is a magical and terrifying thing. It tears people apart but also brings them back together.

I am a fan of war movies such as, Fury, Dunkirk, The Darkest Hour and 1917. If you love movies like that or similar then this is an absolute film you should see! I would give this a 9/10. A must see! very impressive!

Ni No Kuni

If you enjoy Japanese animation such as Studio Ghibli, Key animation or Madhouse this is one you should watch. Ni No Kuni was produced by OLM studios. This is also the animation studio who makes the famous Pokémon movies such as: Pokémon: The First Movie, Pokémon The Movie 2,000 and also the animators of the Famous Nintendo game, Animal Crossing.

This animation film has the idea of two different worlds that are linked together… so if you are living in one world, another form of you is living in the other world. This movie was beautifully made and had a wonderful story line.

Yu is a boy who’s been paralyzed from the waist down ever since birth. And he was unfortunate to fall in love with his best friends girlfriend Kotona. But when her life is threatened he will stop at nothing to protect her. I really enjoyed this movie based on the fact it was a genuine harmless family movie. I would probably rate this PG since there is a sort of war going on and some scenes might be scary to some children. However, this would be a great movie to play for the kids during this quarantine.

I really love how the animators make both worlds different but also very similar. The world we live in is everyday life, but the other world is a magical sort of mid-evil time period. When Yu must save the one he loves, he discovers there is another Kotona in the other world however she is a princess named Astrid. She is the same person but also different. I like the idea how Yu finds himself falling in love with Astrid for who she is and not because she’s similar to Kotona. Yu finds himself in the other world and decides his own fate.

Only thing I would say, is the voice acting could have been a little better but it was still played out well. I would give this film a 7.5/10. I would highly recommend this. Great film overall.

The Orphanage

A strange way to sum up this 2007 film is, this was a sort of “feel good” paranormal thriller. Director Guillermo Del Toro outdid himself yet again. Del Toro is mainly well known for his other films such as: Pan’s Labyrinth, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and The Shape of Water. His best quality as a director is bringing out the thrill.

This film starts out as a running orphanage, however, I found it confusing with all of the time changes. It went from the past to the present without any notice so for the first 15 minutes you weren’t sure what was going on. It took me a while to figure out they were about 29 years in the future after the opening.

Laura (Belén Rueda) as a child was an orphan at the orphanage. As an adult she purchases her old home hoping she can turn it back into a safe place for sick children. When her adopted son disappears she will stop at nothing to find him but also discovers they aren’t alone.

Laura is the definition of what a mother should be. Never giving up on your child and staying until the very end. Carlos (Fernando Cayo) her husband, was as much help as a sunfish on a hook. Laura kept telling him she was hearing things in the house, saw someone on their property and he did nothing. However, I did enjoy the brave woman they made Laura out to be.

Before her son disappeared, he kept telling Laura how he doesn’t think he will grow old, or that he will die soon. If I heard my child say this, I would ask them why they thought that. However, Laura did not question him and asked him if it was because she told him the story of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. As you all know, the back story about Peter Pan is, he is a sort of angel who guides the souls of dead children to Never Land. That should have been a clue to her that something was wrong. On the other hand, no parent wants to admit their child would say such things.

This film reminded me a lot of Insidious, The Conjuring and The Woman in Black. If you enjoy any of these titles, you are sure to find The Orphanage interesting. Why I said this was a feel good Thriller? Simply put, no… this was not a happy movie, but the story behind it was very touching. It didn’t end in any way that would make someone wish they had written a different ending. This really was a great movie. I would give this a 7.5/10. Really worth the watch.


Anyone who loves Psychological movies should see Delirium. This movie left me on the edge of my seat questioning anything and everything. Topher Grace, who portrayed Eric Foreman on ‘That 70’s Show’ is the star of this 2018 thriller and gave a fantastic performance. A lot of people I know do not like thriller movies because of the adrenaline rushes or the thought that this could very much be a real life event, however, this is the very reason I love the thrill. As of now, you can find this movie on Netflix streaming.

Grace’s character Tom was a disturbed man who had been in an psychiatric hospital for the past 20 years based off something he and his brother did as children. Accused of playing a part in a girls death along with his brother Alex left Tom with some serious mental issues and being disowned by their parents. Being told that their mother left shortly after Tom and Alex were both locked away leaving their money hungry father alone.

After his wealthy father’s suicidal death, Tom is left a mansion that is bigger than preferred that has some very dark secrets. Tom is very close to freedom, however, he has 30 days to prove he is not a threat to society. There are a few rules he must obey by or he will go back to the psychiatric hospital…

Rule number 1: He cannot leave the house.

Rule number 2: He can not have guests.

Rule number 3: He must answer every phone call.

Shortly after, Tom meets a girl, Lynn (Genesis Rodriguez) who seems a little too interested in Tom and his past. Although she also seems like she would be a good ally to Tom. She seems to know more about what Tom is going through than the average person which leads them to having an unbreakable bond. However, I felt as if Lynn was an unneeded character or at least should have only been in a small portion of the movie. She helped Tom, but also wasn’t needed in the final of the film.

Throughout the movie, you can tell Tom struggles in knowing what is real, and what isn’t. Hearing noises, finding secret passageways and seeing gruesome things would leave anyone wondering… is it the house haunted by the spirit of his angry father? Or is it all in his mind? When Tom’s brother Alex who is played by Callan Mulvey randomly shows up, if leaves Tom troubled and confused. Alex was sentenced to life in prison which leads to Tom thinking it’s all in his head. However, his brother is there for one thing, and that is money. Money seems to be the one thing that brings out the worst in everyone. It was very conflicting since that was the only predictable outcome in the movie but you are also still trying to figure out if Alex is truly there.

When Tom is exploring the mansion he finds a secret passage behind a wardrobe that connects to every room in the house. So you could be in the house and no one would ever know. The only complaint I had about this film is, you are hearing noises and footsteps in your house, find the passage way and then not alert anyone. The thought obviously crossed Tom’s mind that he wasn’t alone in that house made it more confusing. Why not tell anyone? Especially Lynn who was very understanding who obviously wanted to be there for Tom.

Throughout this time, Tom is struggling with reality, and when he finds a passage under the pool it raises concern. This gives him the idea that he found where his father hid his money. When Alex starts to get violent with the idea of killing Lynn and repeating the past, Tom tricks him into going down the passage, as it turns out they find who was in the house. It turns out someone never left at all. This scene was very well done although, again, I thought Lynn was an unneeded character in this scene. As it turns out, Tom was not crazy and his deranged brother was there the entire time.

If you are a lover of Psychological Thrillers, I would very much recommend this one. It was very well made and the characters were very well done. I would rate this movie 8/10.